Mental Health: A discourse on stigma

Screenshot 2017-03-20 at 4.41.46 AM

Screenshot from the first search result on Google.

It’s common sense in today’s society that when you feel sick you go to the doctor’s office. There seems to be no hesitation in visiting a doctor when you have the sniffles. It makes sense that your family would support you in such an ordinary endeavor. What about when a mental health crisis hits just because you can’t see what is going does it mean it is not there?

I chose to begin this blog post with a screenshot of the definition of stigma because someone going through a mental health crisis faces just this.

‘You go to your doctors. You go to your dentist for an annual checkup. But no one talks about going to your counselor yearly just for a  checkup… It is a normal thing because it is a part of health. It’s just not a part of health you can put a band-aid over, give a medication to, or just check it off a list.” said Anita Bussis Intern Counselor at the Disabilities resource center.

Also, cultural beliefs can be enough to stop someone from seeking any sort of treatment or counseling because they push forward the notions that it is just a personality defect or to toughen.

Discouraging self-care may even be more harmful than even neglecting in the first place. This is why we need to talk about it.



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