What A Job Can’t Teach You

A few weeks ago, I attended the job fair by the college of journalism and communications at the University of Florida. It was my second ever job fair and I had no idea what to expect only being a freshman with no idea how the professional world was like.

I did expect there to be magazines, news outlets, or PR firms looking for people to hire in their communications department. In the first fifteen minutes at the career showcase, I saw just that and then I saw a finance company.

As the naive and overly curious freshman that I was, I went to that table and asked the recruiter why he was here if this was the college of communications.

Looking forward, I don’t think it would be a good idea to ask a recruiter why they are at a job fair.

To my surprise, after my inquiry, the recruiter then smiled and mentioned that their company’s internship can teach finance and the techniques to the job.

Yet, he said they can’t teach a candidate to be a good person, to be ambitious and motivated, or even how to completely have communications skills.

Before that, I never realized how important it was to count all the extraneous factors that recruiters/HR managers value in a prospective job candidate besides the bells and whistles on a resume.

Going further, knowing who you are is correlated with what you can do in your chosen career path. Character counts, no matter the job you are applying to.


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